Our Aim

We won't try and sell you anything. We will provide a fair assessment of the marketplace and work with you to find the best solutions to your requirements.

We offer a comprehensive view of the best available data sources, based from over 20 years experience of planning, buying, selling data and targeted leads.

We can help you plan and source the best prospects for your next marketing campaign.


Our Services

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a sales channel in which both the advertiser and the prospective customer are introduced to each other. A potential buyer can request selected information via a telephone or an online based survey that offer the product or service that they are potentially considering. The advertiser is given the opportunity to promote their product or service to someone who has given them the permission to do so.

The response rates for the pre-qualified leads typically offer a higher conversion than cold contacts and can be an efficient means of spending your marketing budget.

We source the best leads based on our extensive market knowledge. We have access to a wide range of online publishers and call centre partners. All sources are regularly checked and monitored for current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) compliance. We can advise on setting up an appropriate survey question, negotiate competitive rates and terms, pay only for leads that are received and control and optimise the volume and quality of leads. The leads can be delivered daily, in a web post string format or by a secure FTP data transfer for the period that suits the campaign requirements.

List Rental

PMDSC offers expert, independent advice, and a prompt personal service. All our list recommendations are provided to our clients with accuracy, competitive rates and advice on the expected quality and performance. We understand where to find the best data sources and where the data offers additional selections to enhance the prospect targeting.

We never lose sight of the objective to supply data that is compliant, that will deliver great results and provide ROI to our clients. PMDSC is totally committed to the success of each campaign. Our continued success depends on your campaign results.

Positive Market Results

We can help you plan and source the best prospects for your next marketing campaign.

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